So after having CIVIL discussions with Tupperware about an OVENPROOF dish MELTING in my oven they are putting 100% of the blame on me. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

the bottom of my oven is covered and I can not remove it and everytime I try its causing damage to my oven. We followed the instructions completey and out oven does not go higher than 230 degree and it can withstand 260 degree.

I spoke to someone over then phone and she was so rude and snappy putting all the blame on me and saying its non toxic and safe to still use the oven even tho it smells and smokes!! Not even a suggestion on how to even clean

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of tupperware ultrapro. Tupperware Australia And New Zealand needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I've got 2 that have cracked down the sides too - and the older one has got bits around the side that have just snapped off. I use them all the time and was wondering how I would go getting them replaced as on the website cracking down the sides is classed as impact and not covered under warranty but even if dropped I don't think these should break especially given what they cost!


I just wanted to warn any of you considering buying the tupperware dishes that they are prone to problems. I have had one dish that I had for ages but it cracked down the side.

This was replaced by tupperware for $8 (postage and handling). BUT.... The next dish melted on the handle in the oven and blistered. The plastic simply can't handle being hot in the oven.

I worry about the toxic chemicals released when plastic melts. I recommend you stick to your normal pyrex oven dish!!


I feel the same frustration.....My consultant Maria Desrochers blew up her pressure Tupperware cooker in my microwave (even arched) and damaged my microwave with chicken juice all up in my vents and even said at the party in front of all my guest that she put the valve in wrong. She refuses to replace it and says it is safe to use. Head office is dragging their heals and now wont get back to me.


This has happened to us as well.

Do we need a new oven?

How did you go fixing this issue?


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